Eyelash Extensions – are perfect for thin natural lashes that need volume and fullness.
Shorter natural lashes that need length and straight natural lashes that required a curl to lift and frame your face.
Your eyelashes look sexy, sultry and glamorous. Experience the real benefits of this beauty, you must try it!

Classic Natural (Flares -Full Set) – $45

Mink Singles Lash (Full Set) – $100

Russian Volume (Full Set) – $120

Lower Lash Extensions – $25

Eyelash Lift/Perming – $35

Eyelash Lift is perfect for anyone who has straight lashes. It help to enhance your natural eyelashes by lifting and curl on your own lashes. You will look glamorous and beauty.

Eyelash Tinting – $20

Eyebrows Tinting – $10

Ear Piercing – $12/up

Nose Piercing – $25

Ear Candling – $40

Ear Candling is to draw the excess wax, fluid, and other debris out of your ear and nasal passage, using warm air through a hollow candle. The benefit includes relief from sinus congestion, earaches, ringing ear, dizziness, and headaches. A soothing non-invasive treatment.